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Whether it’s playing 18 holes with your loved one, getting back to work, or playing for a D1 NCAA college, you can trust that our medical expertise and broad experience will help you to move forward.

Our approach to therapy is centered on you and your unique situation. We develop a therapy program designed for you to get you back to life.

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Physical Therapy Services

Ortho, Spine & Joint Rehab

Rehab following a bone break or bone and joint surgery is critical to preventing future injury and rebuilding strength. Physical therapy services help rehab orthopedic injuries and stress fractures. Post joint replacement therapy for knee joint replacements and total hip replacements.

Spinal care post-surgery for patients who have undergone spinal fusions, cervical spine surgeries, discectomy, and experienced lower back injuries, SI joint injuries, and chronic pain rehabilitation. Care includes functional rehab, manual therapy, home exercise program, return to work programs, post-therapy maintenance, and prevention exercise programs.

Rehab Sprains, Strains & Tears

Painful soft tissue injuries such as runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, torn muscles, strains, back sprains, ankle sprains, hamstring tears, hip pain, neck strains stress fractures, IT band syndrome and other sprains can come from overuse, strenuous activity, and sports.

Sports rehabilitation and physical therapy treatment programs include manual therapy, and trigger point release, myofascial release, and ART.

Chronic Disease & Heart Condition Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy programs help you return to life after surgery or when you are managing a chronic condition or heart disease. Eoin Colleran brings deep experience in home health, where he developed individual physical therapy programs to aid in recovery from acute episodes, chronic conditions, and post-surgery.

Eoin’s programs complement cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation treatment programs and aid in recovery from surgery.

Whether you need to rebuild strength following surgery or heart attack, get your balance and strength back when you’ve been down-and-out with pneumonia or COVID-19, our treatment programs are designed to guide your body back to daily activities and beyond.

Neuro Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation programs are designed specifically for the unique needs of those with neurological illnesses and following an event such as a stroke. Our rehabilitation programs can help you or your loved one manage a progressive disease, such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or Motor Neuron Disease.

Youth & Sports Physical Therapy

Celtic PT works with youth sports athletes as well as youth competitive dancers for rehab and performance therapy. Eoin Colleran is a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist with experience working with D1 and college athletics as well as youth sports through high school.

For the athlete, therapy approaches focus on improving body biomechanics, core strength, and imbalances within the muscle system with functional rehab programs designed to correct those issues.

Rehabilitation for injuries, sprains, strains, and muscle tears such as Achilles and hamstrings; knee injuries, ACL tears, cartilage tears, patellar tendinitis, and dislocation foot injuries. Additionally, we offer therapy rehab for athletes experiencing throwing injuries, shoulder impingement tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, and other injuries common in athletes.

Whether you need to rebuild strength following surgery or heart attack, get your balance and strength back when you’ve been down-and-out with pneumonia or COVID-19, our treatment programs are designed to guide your body back to daily activities and beyond.

Preventative Care, Health & Wellness

Ongoing strength and wellness therapies not only prevent against injury, but they keep the body ready and able to participate in the daily activities you desire. As a certified strength and conditioning expert, Eoin designs health and wellness programs that help prevent injury and improve long-term strength and fitness.

When you are ready to transition back into activity, our Personal Training for post-physical therapy and performance help you get back to life while maintaining all the benefits from your PT work to remain injury-free. Workouts can be done here on site or even at your home.

Employee Screenings, Assessments & Worker’s Comp

For the workplace, we offer pre-employee screening, work injury assessments rehab, maintenance health, fitness programs, and workers comp rehab. Physical therapy programs aid in treating common work-related injuries such as repetitive movement strain injuries to the back, knees, hips, rotator cuff, as well as acute injuries from an on-the-job accident. Therapy also includes programs for post-surgery rehab and return to work programs.

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