Basketball players are some of the athletes most likely to become chiropractic patients. Many of the problems and injuries we have seen from these athletes involve the lower back. This is due to all of the repeated jumping, quick movements, and abrupt landings basketball players endure while they play. When these actions are repeated they result in the overuse of muscles, which causes inflammation and damage to the lumbar ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

With our unique combination of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique complementing our sports centric chiropractic care, we are able to increase basketball players’ mobility, decrease their pain and inflammation, and give them a speedy recovery time that is often much faster than a conventional medical approach. By using high powered lasers to penetrate deep into the muscles in conjunction with the soft tissue manipulation of ART we are able work these muscles and energize the cells surrounding them to eliminate discomfort while correcting the injury itself.

By going directly to the source of pain we, at Healing Hands Chiropractic of Greensboro, are able to eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs and even surgery while still getting our patients back on the court in a minimal amount of time.