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Unlike conventional medicine which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, the care offered at Healing Hands emphasizes the importance of improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Given the option, most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible, and Healing Hands can help those people achieve their health and wellness goals. For those patients who may already be in pain, Healing Hands offers a unique way to provide pain relief for many types of pain and conditions, including back pain, neck pain and more! Pain relief and pain prevention are two of the reasons that chiropractic, acupuncture, and sports medicine services have become so popular, both here in Greensboro and around the world.

If you have been suffering from back pain, don’t wait another second to begin your road to recovery! At Healing Hands, our chiropractic and soft tissue techniques can assist patients with the rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the chiropractic journey may offer a new sense of balance and wellness that one has never before experienced. If you want to start living every day pain free, call us at 336-361-1790 to schedule an appointment!

People around the world are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine, one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health without requiring invasive treatments such as surgery. Please take the time to meet the chiropractor and our network of wellness care professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. As a patient at Healing Hands we will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly effective techniques and services.

About Healing Hands

We are experts in the function of the body during movement, from everyday activities to high level athletics! With individualized care for all your moving parts, we can help optimize athletic performance by applying an advanced understanding of musculoskeletal function and athletic training. It’s not just about reducing pain; it’s about reaching optimal functioning and total body wellness.

We are passionate proponents of physical fitness and will help you achieve YOUR peak performance!

Phone: (336) 235-4530

We are experts in the function of the body during movement, from everyday activities to high level athletics! With individualized care for all your moving parts, we can help optimize athletic performance by applying an advanced understanding of musculoskeletal function and athletic training. It’s not just about reducing pain; it’s about reaching optimal functioning and total body wellness.

We are passionate proponents of physical fitness and will help you achieve YOUR peak performance!

Phone: (336) 235-4530

We want to educate and adjust as many families as possible to achieve optimal health through natural chiropractic care. Our office focuses on a cooperative approach to the management of your health-related condition. This is designed to optimize your access to the most appropriate care needed.

Sports injuries among children are often ignored as “growing pains”. Regular chiropractic checkups can help avoid problems seen later in adults.

Spinal injuries can restrict range of motion, reduce strength, slow reflexes, endurance, and decrease performance. Chiropractic care for these types of problems has become increasingly popular. Professional sports teams and Olympic trained competitive athletes are employing chiropractic doctors because they demand results.

Chiropractic care helps restore function to spinal joints that are locked up and not moving properly. Besides helping to relieve pain, chiropractic care help reduce inflammation. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments depend upon joint movement for peak performance. Injuries to these tissues can reduce range of motion, affect delicate nerves, decrease blood supply, and can take you out of the game. Normalizing spinal function helps speed the healing of these soft tissues and reduces the deconditioning effect of being on the sidelines.

Proper spinal function is essential for peak performance at work or play. An aerobic exercise program or a plan of brisk walking can improve muscle tone and help you avoid strains, sprains, and other activity-restrictive health problems. Help prevent sports injuries by proper stretching, warmup/warmdown exercises, and by staying in shape. Whether you golf, play tennis, bicycle, or bowl, the best treatment for sports injuries is prevention! Ask your chiropractor for a care plan based on your age, condition, and health objectives. Find out if chiropractic care can restore your health, improve your performance, and increase your competitive edge.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Damien Rodulfo

Dr. Rodulfo is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in human biology from the State University of New York at Albany. While in chiropractic college, Dr. Rodulfo had a great interest in treating and rehabilitating athletes. He is currently certified in Active Release Techniques (ART, full body), SFMA, FMS, FAKTR, and Rock Tape FMT, and is a Newton and Pose certified running coach. Dr. Rodulfo is a member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the ACA Sport Council. He is the team chiropractor for the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and also affiliated with North Carolina A&T University .

In order to become certified as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), Dr. Rodulfo has satisfied all educational eligibility requirements established by the ACBSP board and has demonstrated an acceptable and appropriate level of understanding and knowledge in all subject areas tested by the CCSP certification examination. All individuals certified by the ACBSP certification program must also demonstrate an ongoing professional commitment to the field of chiropractic sports medicine.

Rob Balkind

Rob Balkind MAc. LAc. is a Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of ABR Acupuncture in Greensboro, NC. He has over 18 years of experience working in pain management. After graduating from the Body Therapy Institute in 1996 for massage therapy, he went on to study neuromuscular therapy, and then received a multidisciplinary degree that combined athletic training and exercise sports science from Greensboro College in 2002.

Rob received his Master’s in Acupuncture from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2006 as well as a certification in Tuina (Chinese traditional massage techniques). Rob has completed the instructor training with Kinetacore continuing education company and has been an adjunct instructor teaching massage and trigger point therapy. He is certified with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist in North Carolina, and is certified in Functional Dry Needling.

Rob practices within Healing Hands Chiropractic in Greensboro NC. He co-treats with the chiropractors in his office and with physicians and physical therapists in the area.

Rob’s practice focuses on treating soft tissue dysfunction. He uses a combination of myofascial release and trigger point therapy with functional dry needling to increase mobility and to improve function.

When not working, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys running with his dog and participating in CrossFit so that he can continue to keep up with his wife and daughter.

Rob’s website: www.abracupuncture.com

Pat Sogla

Pat earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, which is also his hometown. He has worked in athletics for almost 10 years at the high school and college level, most recently with football at North Carolina A&T State University where he was part of the staff that won back-to-back-to-back HBCU National Championships.

He currently holds certifications in a variety of manual therapy techniques, including Graston, Active Release Technique, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and RockTape. Pat likes to incorporate a variety of treatments to help people feel and move better, such as cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Active Release Technique and corrective exercises.

Dr. Carlos E. Bonilla

Dr. Carlos E. Bonilla Martinez is a native of Yauco, Puerto Rico. He earned his undergraduate degree in B.S. Biology with honors from the San German campus of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He then earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Port Orange campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, graduating Cum Laude with a nomination for the Clinic Excellence Award. In his free time, Dr. Carlos Bonilla enjoys coaching track and field athletes, particularly in hurdles and sprints, as he was able to participate in these events during his time in college. He also enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children, Yazid, Elias, and Lailah.

Dr. Matthew Monaghan

Dr. Matthew Monaghan is a graduate of Life West Chiropractic College. While working in the school clinic, he was responsible for treating the club rugby team and began to develop a passion for working with athletes. After graduation, he moved to North Carolina, where he further developed his techniques while working in an orthopedic clinic specializing in muscle work and the treatment of extremities. By utilizing an intimate knowledge of both the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, he helps his patients to unlock their full potential. Dr. Monaghan spends his free time playing softball, bicycling, and rock climbing.

Jesse Andreas

Jesse Andreas graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a Masters in Oriental Medicine, and is certified in oriental medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. From an early age, Jesse had a profound appreciation for eastern philosophy, exploring Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. He studied Chinese martial arts as a child and was fascinated with the concept of Qi and its capacity to improve health and treat disease. While still in his twenties, Jesse cured himself of a number of chronic diseases using acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications. This led to years of study of natural healing methods, both in and out of school, as he realized this was to be a lifelong calling. Jesse feels there is no greater way to serve other people than to help them restore their health. He specializes in treating pain, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, men’s and women’s health, and the more complex and challenging medical cases. “My belief is that anyone can be well, and no one should feel hopeless.” In his free time Jesse enjoys reading, music, gardening, and his cat India.

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