Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries in Greensboro, NC

If you are an active individual who enjoys engaging in sports for personal conditioning and athletic competition, you know that an injury can occur at any time. Healing Hands understands that many sports cause repetitive stress injuries and sprains that impact your ability to reach your performance goals. We have experience in treating a variety of sports-related problems and provide whole-body conditioning to help you heal faster and perform at your highest level.

Manual Adjustments and ART

Healing Hands provides a variety of treatment methods to help repair soft tissue injuries and improve body alignment for your care. Manual adjustment ensures your body functions as it should, relieving pressure on nerves that can lead to discomfort and problems with mobility. We use the diversified technique, activator method, Gonstead technique, myofascial release technique, ART, Rock tape, functional movement screening, deep tissue laser, and nutritional support to help athletes achieve faster healing and achieve better performance in their sport.

Common Sports Injury Conditions Treated

Back strains are a common problem in many sports. In some cases, an existing spinal dysfunction can predispose you to injuries of this type. Management of sciatica, degenerative disc disease and previous injuries can help you to continue to play at your best. Neck pain is another problem that can occur because of twisting actions or wrenching injuries from impact.

We can treat the problem, relieving pain and improving range of motion. A chiropractor for athletes in Greensboro can also help knee or hip problems that are affected by the alignment of the spine. Posture problems that affect effective movement can also be treated, so that proper alignment is achieved to improve your performance.

Athlete Focused Care

Our Greensboro clinic can provide the athlete focused care you need to repair your injury and resume your performance in your sport. Whether you engage in activities on “weekend warrior” basis or are a committed athlete with specific goals, we understand that getting back into play is important to both your physical and mental wellbeing. We will work with you on the most effective measures to heal tissues rapidly and return to full range of motion, so you can get back to your training and participating in your scheduled events.

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Dr. Damien Rodulfo, his associates, and our trained staff at Healing Hands use our years of experience in general chiropractic techniques and specialized sports injury care to provide superior treatment for our patients in Greensboro, NC. We believe in a holistic approach and can design an individualized care plan for your unique needs.

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