Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Healing Hands Chiropractic helps patients relieve pain through various, noninvasive methods. We assist patients in getting back to their lives quickly without the use of medications that cause side effects. One treatment our Greensboro chiropractors offers is deep tissue laser therapy.

Deep tissue laser therapy is a noninvasive, nonsurgical solution for healing injuries. Using a new technology consisting of a laser, the chiropractor can help you to relieve pain. The technology is based on a process called photobiostimulation, which emits deep light that penetrates into the injured area. The laser reduces the inflammation that worsens the pain. Additionally, the light energy enhances circulation. When an injured area has additional blood flow, it reduces the amount of time the injury takes to heal because of the increase in nutrients and oxygen received to the area. Many patients reap the benefits of deep tissue laser therapy during the first treatment. A majority of patients start to experience results by the third to fifth visit.

Mechanism of Action of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Inflammation, swelling and injury damage cells. The cells don’t always receive an adequate amount of oxygen as a result of the injury. The cell requires enough oxygen for the healing process to occur and happen in a timely manner. Fortunately, the injury may be treated by laser therapy since damaged cells respond better to laser therapy than noninjured cells. Cells are receptive to light, which triggers various reactions on a cellular level that enhance the healing process. Additionally, the light enhances the regeneration process. In addition to healing the tissue and cells, the therapy also affects the nerves. When the laser reaches the nerves, it improves the function of them, which can reduce pain. Because of how rapidly the laser reaches the tissue, the swelling and pain relief occur quickly.

Conditions Treated by our Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Greensboro

The laser targets the tissue deeper within the body because of its power, which makes the treatment effective for a number of conditions. For instance, those who have plantar fasciitis, a condition that occurs when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, may find relief. Patients with neuropathy caused conditions such as diabetes can benefit from deep tissue laser therapy as well. Those with hip, back, shoulder, knee, foot, ankle or neck pain may potentially find relief from their pain and suffering. It’s even useful to those who have back pain due to a spinal condition. People who have tennis or golfer’s elbow tend to find they have less pain and recover faster after they undergo deep tissue laser therapy from our chiropractor. Deep laser therapy is beneficial to those who have whiplash as well. We also have patients who utilize deep tissue laser therapy for musculoskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, strains and sprains. Carpal tunnel syndrome, Bell’s palsy and arthritis patients may find relief from this therapy also. Surprisingly enough, the therapy benefits those who suffer from migraine headaches.

What to Expect During Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

During the treatment, you’ll need to remove your clothing because the laser won’t penetrate through your clothing. Direct contact with the skin is required for the laser to penetrate and for the treatment to work effectively. The treatment usually lasts between five to 10 minutes; however, the actual time may vary a bit depending on the condition being treated. The therapy won’t cause any discomfort. It usually gives people a warm sensation to the area where it is applied.

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