Managing pain is a key part of enjoying your lifestyle and normal daily activities. When you experience pain, you take measures to limit your movements to avoid discomfort. At Healing Hands Chiropractic, we recognize the challenges of managing pain and offer natural solutions to help with your goals.


What is Chiropractic Pain Management?

Chiropractic pain management refers to the natural strategies we use to help reduce your pain without harsh medications. Greensboro pain management at our clinic focuses on strategies like massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, chiropractic adjustments and decompression therapy. Generally, we use natural solutions to reduce the feeling of pain and improve your mobility for a better situation and better health.

The situations we treat with chiropractic care and natural treatments include:

  • Pain from auto accidents
  • Sports pain management
  • Physical injuries from slip and fall accidents or related situations
  • Discomfort from poor posture
  • Problems associated with health, including back pain or neck pain

Treatment solutions we offer for Greensboro pain management depend on your situation and the type of injuries you experience. At our clinic, we identify the problem with appropriate diagnostic tools before suggesting a treatment solution.


Sports Pain Management Solutions

Sports pain management differs from other forms of pain management because it specifically addresses injuries or problems related to sports and your performance. Since you may have limited options to address pain while still paying a sport or remaining active, you want to work with experienced professionals to encourage the healing process.

Problems we address with pain management in Greensboro include:

  • Tennis or golf elbow
  • Torn ligaments
  • Sprains and strains
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Injuries while playing a sport

Since many injuries from sports relate to a repetitive motion, we recommend natural treatments to help reduce the discomfort from the injuries. We also use appropriate strategies to alleviate pain from sprains and strains by using hot and cold therapy or cold laser treatments for natural solutions. Our team may recommend massage therapy or acupuncture when appropriate for your injuries or the causes of your pain.


When to Consider Pain Management in Greensboro

Pain management in Greensboro depends on your situation. At our clinic, we offer different holistic strategies to reduce pain and keep your body in good condition. Our treatments focus on addressing your specific needs.

Generally, we recommend treating injuries as soon as the pain starts to avoid long-term complications. Always seek appropriate medical care for broken, bruised or cracked bones. We also recommend early treatment when you notice swelling, redness or generalized pain without obvious causes for the discomfort. Do not wait to seek treatment when you experience pain in any area of your body.

Treating injuries and pain with chiropractic care offers a natural solution for your health. It limits the risks and side effects associated with certain medications while allowing your body to heal from the injuries. To learn more about pain management solutions at our clinic or to set up an appointment, contact us.