Your Greensboro chiropractor Healing Hands Chiropractic offers the most effective and cutting-edge chiropractic techniques that are in use today. One of the most time-tested and respected is the Gonstead Technique.

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Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead Technique was created by Clarence Selmer Gonstead. Dr. Gonstead discovered the benefits of general chiropractic care when foot and leg pain resistant to conventional medicine responded to a chiropractic adjustment. This inspired him to learn chiropractic care himself and expand upon it.

Over the years, he developed his own chiropractic modality (the Gonstead Technique). It is based on knowledge of the body’s intervertebral discs and structural foundation. Optimal stability and balance in the back and spinal column can be achieved when the vertebrae, pelvis and legs are level.

Gonstead Technique principles and primary considerations include looking for and addressing:

  • Foundational unleveling
  • Intervertebral misalignments
  • Motion disturbances
  • Nerve dysfunction

Intervertebral disc injury is the main cause of spinal subluxations. The Gonstead Technique is based on optimal positive effect on the discs, but it also assists in restoring alignment and range of motion.


Assessing Your Injuries

The assessment phase in the Gonstead chiropractic technique strives to accurately assess intervertebral disc lesions so that full pelvic and spinal alignment can be achieved. The neurological ramifications of subluxation in the vertebrae are also assessed so that nervous system and full body health can be restored.

The full spine radiograph is often used to make a complete and thorough assessment. Other Gonstead exam aspects include:

  • Static palpation
  • Dynamic palpation
  • Assessment of soft tissue
  • Paraspinal bone structure examination
  • Visualization of spinal motion
  • Postural exam
  • Gait and stride assessment
  • Check for joint issues/inflammation
  • Para-spinal skin temperature assessment

With the Gonstead Technique, each client’s neuro-musculoskeletal system is fully and thoroughly assessed so that the proper steps for restoration and healing can be taken. Chiropractic adjustment over a series of appointments using the Gonstead Technique gradually corrects subluxations and restores balance to the entire system.


Benefits of the Gonstead Technique

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