Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Do you want to make the most of your workouts? Are you hoping to decrease the chance you’ll get injured when playing your favorite sports? If this sounds like you, we are here to help.

Using a Selective Functional Movement Assessment we can offer you the tools you need to train more effectively and exercise smarter. This screening program is part of the Functional Movement Systems exercise philosophy. Functional Movement Screen is woven throughout all works, believing and understanding human movement patterns. By utilizing FMS screening available here at the Healing Hands Chiropractic and Family Chiropractic, you can improve your sports performance. Learn more about FMS by scheduling your appointment today.

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

A Functional Movement Screen(FMS) is a physical evaluation that tests the seven basic patterns of your movement. These include manipulative, locomotor, and stabilizing movements. The FMS includes the following movements:

  • Deep squat
  • Hurdle step
  • In-line lunge
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Active straight-leg raise
  • Trunk stability push-up
  • Rotary stability

During this test we look for areas of tightness or weakness that can be improved. We measure the distance that you can achieve with your current rate of flexibility. Your scores show areas where you aren’t symmetric or as functional as you would like to be. Using the information gained from your FMS screen, we provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve your overall movement and performance.


Why Should I Get an FMS Screening?

The main reason we suggest you should get an FMS screening is to improve your exercise potential. One of the biggest reasons we have patients come into the office is for injuries and pain associated with an active lifestyle. Often these injuries could have been avoided if the patient had a working knowledge of their functional movement. By getting your FMS screening we can help you to exercise more efficiently and safely.


How Will an FMS Assessment Benefit Me?

By doing this screening we are able to set a base score for your functional movement. We are also able to test the stability of your core muscles, as well as your spinal column, shoulders, hips, ankles, and knees. Using this information we can give you advice on how to avoid overcompensating for weak or tight areas in your body. Additionally, we are able to provide you with a customized corrective exercise plan based on your FMS assessment. If you are looking to get into a new sport or to improve on a sport you are already playing, our sports performance service is a must. This will help you avoid injury and muscle strain due to equalization with certain areas of your body. If you want to improve your sports playing abilities the FMS assessment is the best place to begin.


What are the Next Steps in Getting a Functional Movement Assessment?

If you are ready to get an FMS screening, give us a call. Here at Healing Hands Chiropractic and Family Chiropractic we are certified in FMS screening. If you are a new patient to our chiropractic center we will start you off with a medical history review. This will help us gauge any outstanding conditions or complaints you may already have prior to the assessment. Once you have decided to obtain a FMS screen, we will schedule your appointment with a certified tester.

Now that you are ready for your FMS Assessment, give us a call. Our chiropractic doctor will answer any questions you may have about getting a Functional Movement Assessment. Following your FMS screening will continue to help you hone your strengths and weaknesses involving your functional movements. We look forward to providing you with your FMS assessment. Thanks for choosing Healing Hands Chiropractic and Family Chiropractic as your go-to sports performance chiropractor!


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