Chiropractors all around have been seeing more shoulder injuries than any other injury in their tennis patients due to the constant motion in the sport. Tennis is very repetitive in nature, and this consistent motion that occurs in tennis from the swinging of a racket causes overuse in a player’s shoulder muscles.

Shoulder injuries are most common in tennis players due to the fact that the muscles surrounding the shoulder are relatively small. To prevent injury it is key to regularly strength train the rotator cuff. For more information on exercises to help strengthen the rotator cuff muscles after minor injury, click here.

(For major, or recurring issues it is best to come in for an evaluation.)

For those experiencing shoulder pain, Healing Hands Chiropractic of Greensboro is certified in Active Release Technique. As a specialized movement treatment that targets these overused muscles, ART can help the patient recover quickly.

Laser Away the Pain

Along with ART, or Active Release Technique, chiropractors can also use the treatment process of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. This laser therapy also targets overused muscles and the tissues surrounding a painful area. This can be a good alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers and even surgery.

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