The human spine allows for flexible movement in many directions, but your posture habits can cause problems for the delicate structures that are involved. Slouching while sitting, carrying heavy objects on one side of the body, wearing incorrect footwear and sleeping on bad mattresses can lead to small injuries within the spinal structures and result in chronic or intermittent pain.

Many individuals don’t realize the bad posture habits they may have acquired at work or at home that contribute to their back pain. Small changes to improve your general posture can have a significant effect on how often you experience back pain or how severe the discomfort.


Problems Caused by Bad Posture

Poor posture can cause compression of the discs that cushion the vertebrae in your back, resulting in chronic pain in the lower back. Bad posture habits can also cause strain in the muscles that support the bones of the spine and the joints throughout the body. These problems can also lead to headaches, breathing problems and general fatigue. When the compression on the spine is eliminated, you can move more easily and more comfortably, reducing fatigue and generalized physical aches and pains.


Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Greensboro

Chiropractic techniques can help to correct the impact of years of poor posture that is causing your back pain. In addition, a chiropractor can provide corrective exercises that help to keep your body in proper alignment. Your chiropractor in Greensboro can also advise you on ergonomic strategies that can help improve your posture at work and at home to provide less stress on back muscles.


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