Through the years, some doctors have realized that treating problems on a by-the-disease basis does not produce optimal health. To combat this problem, a variety of methods have been devised that take a holistic approach to wellness. In other words, they work to treat the entire patient by addressing multiple problems in a combined way. One of the most prominent of these methods is called functional medicine. Here is how it differs from other methods:


Functional Medicine Focuses on Causes

While standard medical practice sometimes has to address the causes of disease, it often only dives deeply enough to find a way to control symptoms. This can be okay for basic issues, such as setting a leg that was broken in an accident, since incidents like that typically doesn’t have a deep cause beyond basic physics. However, the standard outlook is less than helpful when you need to address problems that keep coming back.

Functional medicine goes beyond finding the cause of the specific issue that motivated you to go to a doctor. It looks for the causes of all of your pains and problems, and puts an extra focus on chronic ones like autoimmune disorders, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and similar issues.


How do Functional Medicine Practitioners Get to the Bottom of Things?

Unlike many traditional doctors, functional medicine practitioners don’t just blame your lifestyle for every systemic problem that you may have. They examine your genetics, biochemistry, and medical history with a depth that is unheard of under the old-fashioned paradigm. Then, a highly personalized treatment plan is developed to address the issues uncovered by this examination. The treatment plan may include some lifestyle changes, but also involves plenty of medical solutions to truly address your pain and the things that are causing it.


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